4 Steps To Painting A Faux Brick Basement Concrete Wall

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosures for more details. I had mentioned in the DIY basement stairs post that we are planning on finishing a portion of our basement. I had finished the basement in our old house, but I wanted to try something different this time around. Instead of having all sheet-rock and painted walls, I wanted to see if I could paint our concrete walls to look like a brick wall. Our concrete walls were poured using a form that makes them look similar to bricks, just is a dirty grayish color.

Here are what the basement walls looked like before being painted. They were dingy and blah looking, your typical basement walls.


Supplies used:

White Paint (2 Gallons)

Black Paint (1 pint)

Paint Brushes These are from Amazon. I wouldn’t use expensive brushes as they will get eaten up by the concrete. These worked well and lasted for all the painting we did.

Step 1:

The first step is to wipe down the concrete walls with a broom, this will get most of the dirt and loose pieces off the wall. Nothing special here, but a quick cleam up will all the paint to be able to stick to the concrete.

Step 2:

Paint the concrete walls white. With some trial and error, we found that using a paint brush to do this worked better than a roller. That said, it took quiet a bit longer to paint all of the walls with a brush. You will have some tired hands and arms after this is complete. Don’t worry about covering every nook and cranny of the wall, as you will be going over areas with additional paint in the following steps.

Sample of the white wall

Step 3:

This is a fun step. Using the black paint, randomly paint bricks black. Again, from trial and error, do not try to get perfectly rectangular black bricks. More or less just cover individual bricks leaving rough edges, it will look better this way. If you attempt to cover the entire brick, it starts to look fake and tacky.

Painting random bricks black

Step 4:

During this step you will be darken the white and lighten the black that you previously painted on the wall.  To do this, barley dip the brush in the white paint and dab/feather onto the black bricks. You can control the gray scale as you go, there is no correct color and the more random you can make it, the better it will look.

Next, using the same brush, barley dip the brush into the black paint and dab/feather onto the white bricks. Again, you can control the gray scale as you go. I continued to switch between the 2 colors to paint all of the walls. After all is said and done over 75% of the basement walls were painted this way. I think it is really going to look good once the rest of the room is complete.

Starting to feather in gray tones

Below are some in process pictures of the basement walls.

This shows both all white and 1/2 a complete wall
Here is a fully completed wall


Side wall and spare room complete
Corner view

That’s it! It’s that easy, but time consuming and messy. The best part is if you see something you don’t like you can go and touch it up or change the shade.

What do you think?

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