Moving, Packing and Unpacking

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosures for more details. The last few months have been a whirlwind for me. I had mentioned back in June in a post A move is coming, that we were moving from New England, where I was born and raised, to the great state of Georgia. We bought of new house prior to selling our old house so that we could move at our own pace. This meant that we didn’t have to be out of the old house within a certain time frame. Since I was still working in New England it gave me a place to stay until the whole “work thing” was figured out. More on that later.

Moving Options

I did a ton of research on moving company’s, pods, rental trucks, and the thought of selling everything and starting fresh. In the end, we decided to go withUpack (ABF freight). Solid decision! How it works is Upack drops a 28ft trailer off in your driveway and gives you 3 days to load it up. At that point, you call and have them pick it up. They drive it to a local terminal near your destination (new house) and will hold it there for 3 days free. Once at the terminal, you call to schedule a drop off time in which they bring the trailer to your new house for you to unload it. Again, you have 3 days to do this. As a bonus weekends did not count in the 3 days, so you can gain extra time if planned correctly. It really worked out well for us. We were able to pack, send the truck, drive down to Georgia and unload it without any hassle. We ended up renting the entire 28ft, but you can rent less. They only charger for the amount of space you fill. The entire truck ended up costing us $2,860. This was by far our cheapest option. I would recommend this to anyone able to do all the lifting and moving themselves.

Packing and Unpacking

There were ZERO issues with the whole process. I cannot say everyone will have the same experience, but is was easy, simple, straight forward and one of the least expensive options. I also want to thank everyone that helped us load and unload the trailer. We had no broken or missing items. I think a lot of that has to do with how you pack the trailer.

Here are some pictures of how I packed the trailer. Another awesome feature is you can lower the inside roof and create an upper shelf in the trailer. This increase the amount of space based on odd sizes or not being to pack the total interior height. Every 8 feet I would create a wall using wood or in one of the pictures folding tables.


I was able to score a ton of free boxes on Craigslist for a local family that had just moved here. We only ended up having to buy about a dozen boxes, this saved us a pretty penny. We did end up buying a tape gun, tape rolls, and a couple of mini shrink wrap rolls from amazon. A total of $51 is extra supplies. We ended up with 1 roll of tape and a small amount of the shrink wrap left over.

We left a SUV load of stuff at the old house for me to use while staying there. Looking back at doing the move this way, it probably cost us an extra month or 2 of mortgage payments. That said, if we didn’t have the house I would have had to rent a place to stay for the short term while working.

What are your experiences with pods, moving companies or self-hauling during moves?





  1. I’ve only ever moved due to transfers within my job, so they paid for it all!

    I am impressed with your tetris skills there – looked like a professional job. I do think you ended up with the cheapest moving option as well. Less than $3K for a move of that length is damn good I think.

    Hope you are loving the south!
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