DIY Basement Stairs

DIY Basement Stairs

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I had mentioned in a previous post that we have decided to finish a portion of our basement. The plan is to document the progress on a regular basis here on the blog. I haven’t posted many DIY posts, in fact I have only posted 2. The first was the DIY Fence and the 2nd was a DIY toilet install. Hopefully the basement will allow many more to be added. One of this first thing we had to do in the basement was clean up the stair that lead down to the basement.


The stairs that lead to the basement were just plain old wood. Nothing wrong with them, but we wanted to spruce them up. We also had to put something down to help stop the dog from slipping on them every time he went up and down them. Although I seem to have misplaced my close up before pictures, you can see the stairs in the below picture.


Here is what we did to the basement stairs and the cost break down.  All of wood and trim in the house is white and the previous owners had left us an almost full gallon of the white paint. So, the first thing we did was to paint the stairs the same white as the wood trim. The basement stairs took 2 coats of paint and it really brighten up the staircase. I know, I know, white paint on stairs! Aren’t they going to get dirty? I’m sure they would, but we weren’t planning on leaving them this way.

We were going to buy and install carpeted stair treads, but quickly realized these were a) expense and b) didn’t like any of the designs. After some research, I had figured out if we bought 24″ x 24” carpet tiles I could get 3 stairs treads out of each tile. Perfect, now we needed to find a pattern we liked. We check Amazon and they do stock them, but we couldn’t find any that we liked and some were expensive.

After checking out the big box stores, we found a local store that had carpet tiles. There was a pile of about 500 of random patterns. We spend about an hour going through them all to collect enough of the pattern we liked. The best part, they were only $1.89 each! Fist Pump! After some cutting the carpet tiles and stapling we had a brand-new set of basement stairs.


There they are!


Total cost = $22.68

Paint: Free

12 carpet tiles at $1.89 each = $22.68

What to do think? How are your stairs finished?

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