Backyard Chickens

I forgot to mention in my about me page that we have chickens. We have had them for about 6 years now and currently have 5 Rhode Island reds. We lost one last fall from a predator attack. This is actually our 3rd set of chickens over the years. All of them have been lost to predator attacks, but lessons have been learned from each loss. The chicken coop has been modified over the years to help eliminate the chance of any additional attacks on the chickens.  I will write more about the coop setup in the future, but today I wanted to discuss the cost of store bought eggs verse our fresh eggs. If we eliminate the “startup” cost of the chickens, which would include purchasing them and building the coop, and focus on the straight cost of buying and feeding the chickens. Our “ladies”, as we like to call them, are giving us ~4 eggs a day, 28/week, 112/month or roughly 9 dozen a month. The cost to feed the ladies on a monthly basis in $12.50, which would equate to $.11/egg. Store bought eggs cost $1.69/dozen which comes out to $.14/egg. If you want to buy cage free eggs the price jumps up to $2.99/dozen or $.25/egg. Doing some quick math this comes out to a $40/year savings over store bought or $188/year savings verse buying cage free eggs. Not a huge savings, but there is nothing like fresh eggs. Plus, we have 5 beautiful chickens that give us some entertainment as well. Feel free to pass along any egg related recipes, we are always looking for new ways to cook eggs.


  1. This is something I have been contemplating. But I have no pets, which makes it easy to go away on vacation. Adding in chickens would require me to find someone to come feed them every once and awhile. Not a big deal, but still a favor to ask and I am not one to ask for favors often.

    Still, I think some day in the future I will have chickens. Just not now.

    • Completely understand and I had the same concerns. I have modified my feed station where it only needs to be filled 2x a month. I have also updated my water station where I can go about 10 days before it needs to be refilled. There are ways to go even beyond that, but for us 2 weeks is plenty of time.
      Most family, friends, and neighbors are OK stopping by 1-2 times a week to pick up eggs while we are away, as they like them as much as we do!

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