Goal Progress

I will be posting monthly updates on our net worth here. The goal is to build a net worth large enough to be financially independent by the age of 42.  Having this goal public will continue to motivate us, keep us accountable and be a constant reminder to stay on track. Hopefully, others can use this as motivation to reach their financial goals.

More motivation can be found on Rockstar Finance who has a list of other bloggers who share their net worth. Personal Finance Blogs on Rockstar Finance

Goal Amount       Date
$600,000           12/31/2017
$678,000            12/31/2018
$780,300            12/31/2019
$881,700             12/31/2020
$934,600            12/31/2021
$1,000,000        12/31/2022

The table below will be updated monthly to show exactly how we are progressing. You can read the details of a specific month by clicking on the date in the table.


Date Total Monthly Gains Overall Gains Year End Goal Delta to Goal
Apr-17 $488,604 $0 $0 $600,000 ($111,396)
May-17 $498,124 $9,520 $9,520 $600,000 ($101,876)